TIBCO launched a newer version of Business Works i.e. TIBCO Active Matrix BusinessWorks.ActiveMatrix Business Works 5.6 is backward compatible with the earlier 5.x versions of Business Works

It has several new features:

  • O/S support: Now with new version BW will support HPUX 11i v3/11.31 on PA-RISC and IA-64/Itanium operating System.
  • Service Container: This new BW is having a new feature called the service container. If you want to upload multiple EAR files in the same container what you have to do is enable a service container. These Process will be isolated and independent of each other.
  • Partner Service Invocation: For managing the life cycle of BW service by using ActiveMatrix administrator you need to invoke the BW service need to invoked by other TIBCO AMX  components.
  • TIBCO AMX BW provides XPath functions  that can be used to fetch process related information for any activity. The available functions are getCurrentProcessName(processID),getCurrentActivityName(processID), and getHostName().
  • JDBC Palette: The JDBC Call Procedure, Query, and Update activities now support Oracle Objects, BLOB and CLOB, PLS_INTEGER, and PL/SQL table datatypes.
  • Security Context Propagation from TIBCO Policy Manager: TIBCO AMX BW populates the security context for Service resource or SOAP Event Source activity with the security information sent by TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Manager. Depending on the transport, the security information is sent either as an HTTP header or a JMS Message property.