Miss you papa ….

Two months have passed
I’ll never forget that day

The hurt is same
Like an open wound
There are days
I don’t say a word

Some days the pain is much stronger
It makes me sick and too weak
I think ,I can’t stand this much longer
I just sit somewhere and cry

I’ve closed my private door
And let no one in
Locking myself in a box
They try to come in, but I won’t give in

You were like a rock
Strong, Hero and true
What worth has my life
Now I don’t have you 😦

I was not the best
But you know papa dearest
I always loved you
My papa, my star
Now my pain is
To worship you from too far

I love you now
As I did back then
I just hope… one day
I will see you again

Forever in my heart


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